Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch
Clan MacMillan Pacific Branch

Clan MacMillan

Names, Septs & Symbols

Clan MacMillan has over 250 recognized spellings. The Clan MacMillan International website has a list of the names. MacMillan Names Clan MacMillan like all Scottish clans has several Septs or sub-names that have a relationship to the clan. This can be confusing as we have a Bell Sept and there is a separate Clan Bell. Additionally the septs sometimes started due to a physical trait (Blue eyed lad) or an occupation such as a baker (Baxter Sept). Some of these septs are wide spread across Scotland and are associated with several different Scottish clans. A few Clan MacMillan Septs are: MacMillan Septs Baxter Bell Blue Brown Walker

Clan motto: "Miseris Succurrere Disco"

Clan MacMillan's motto is Miseris Succurrere Disco (Latin for "I learn to succour the distressed"). It derives from The Aeneid by Virgil in which the Carthagian queen Dido says"Non ignara mali, miseris succurrere disco". This translates as "Not myself being unacquainted with difficulty, I learn to succour the distressed". Who first employed it in this context and when is not known. The earliest record of it being applied in reference to the Clan is the signet ring of Rev. John McMillan of Balmaghie (c.1699 - 1753). It accompanies the coat of arms matriculated in 1742.

Plant Badge: Holly

Well before badges and tartan identified a Highland clansman's affiliation, the plant badge was the only identifying emblem, this affixed to the bonnet. For Clan MacMillan this badge is holly. Other clans sharing the holly badge are Drummond, MacInnes, MacLean and Matheson, this being coincidental and not connoting any other relationship with Clan MacMillan.
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